Memphis Motor Co.

Passionate Indie Rock from Los Angeles


Noise, Vibration, & Harshness is the second EP from Memphis Motor Co.  Building on the distinctive sound of the first EP, Super High Output, NVH is a concentrated dose of passionate indie rock that thumps, pulses, and screams in all the right places.  It is a sound that you may find to be instantly familiar.  You may be quick to say, "It sounds like this band".

NVH is a cohesive collection of sonic gems that are engineered to be the chorus you find yourself humming throughout the day.

We live in a time of great indie rock music, but so much of it starting to sound homogenous, and seems afraid to let the sound get too big.  Memphis Motor Co. isn't afraid of getting big, we hope you will join us.









Super High Output is 23 minutes and 31 seconds of pure alternative/indie rock beauty.  Filled with powerful choruses, each song is taken to an emotional climax.   The song order is expertly sequenced, starting with the pounding intro track 6:00 Again, through the powerful ballad Survive The Drive, back up to the loving rocker Best Of Our Days, down to the emotional Bad Year, and back up with the enchanting pulse of 19 Hours.

Super High Output is the singular vision of one songwriter/producer/musician.   Memphis Motor Co. has a cohesive and distinctive sound that captures the best from indie, alternative, and britpop music styles.  Each song compels the listener to listen multiple times, and follow the intricate placement of guitar and keyboard.